About Mr. Triangle and friends

Mr. Triangle:

He is a good triangle who goes on many adventures, and tries mostly to do the right thing in the world.

Gulliver :

Gulliver is Mr.Triangle’s faithful pet pig and is often with him on his adventures

Concerned Frog:

Concerned Frog is really the only other character besides Gulliver that shows up regularly,
He Is is ridden with a lot of anxiety and very concerned about things.
















I’m Samantha, I created Mr. Triangle a while back as a way to just be creative. My life has gotten much busier since I first started this blog ! But I update it sporadically, when I have some time.   I hope he brings a little happiness and joy to your day through his many adventures.


5 thoughts on “About Mr. Triangle and friends

  1. Absolutely hilarious…..
    Is there a story line to each of the lovely drawings of Mr. Triangle and his adventures? I would love to learn about what he planted in his garden!

    This made me smile,thank you sweetness!


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